Programs and activities

University Alliance participants are committed to providing access to higher education in the United States to applicants who have completed accredited studies with affiliated international educational institutions.

IUA Premier High School Program

IUA participating universities partner with high-caliber secondary schools to create connections that bring value to students, to faculty and to their own educational communities. The IUA works to create a clear and smooth path for students who aspire to study at a university in the United States, collaborating across a global network to enrich curriculum and learning, share resources and support each institution.

IUA partner schools benefit from access to a network of the best U.S. universities for international students, recognition by IUA participating universities, identification with a prestigious network of global universities, membership for the school’s guidance counselor in an international network of other premier high school counselors, expedited and streamlined application processes and visa support for their students, as well as the opportunity for transferable credit and advanced standing for qualified students.

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Global Competency Certification Program

Offered only at IUA participant universities in partnership with the UNESCO Center for Peace, the Global Citizenship Certification Program introduces global citizenship as a lens through which to examine various aspects of life in the complex, globalized world of the 21st century. Students will consider cultural identity, diversity and the challenges of intercultural communication, and will evaluate ways to create greater inclusiveness. Upon completion of the degree program, participants receive a UNESCO Center for Peace Global Competency Certificate.

Study abroad program

IUA is developing study abroad programs with its participating universities to enrich their signature student experiences.

These programs, typically designed for first-year, second-semester students, allow universities to manage their resources more efficiently, increasing enrollment incrementally and exposing students to international perspectives before commencing their home-campus degree program of study.

A second-semester admit program is also increasingly used by high-demand colleges and universities to manage their wait-list of qualified students, who, merely because of first-semester capacity limitations, could not attend their desired university. This will now be possible, to the benefit of both student and IUA participating university.

Through a study abroad program, students from IUA participating universities will build on their respective home university degree program of study from day one. They will be enrolled in a combination of credit-bearing classes.

Students earn credits from day one of the program and finish their term with at least 12 transferable credits (assuming each class is weighed at 3 credits). Following the program, students of participating universities (pending successful meeting of requirements determined by each partner university) commence second semester study with advanced credits on the respective U.S. campus.

While on a study abroad program, students will have full access to campus activities and services. Students will have full access to the students’ union and other support agencies, and will receive an orientation to the many clubs and societies open to them, including sports and community service organizations. By the end of their term, students will have gained subject area knowledge, substantial life experience and an international perspective that they can apply advantageously to their home study.

Tertiary articulation program

The IUA develops supported articulation agreements with a broad range of tertiary institutions. A supported articulation agreement provides students with a guarantee of admission to participating Alliance universities. Student support — including a suite of enrollment and advisory services — is provided by regional Alliance representatives.

To become a Tertiary Program partner, an institution must participate in an extensive validation process in which Alliance representatives review the institution’s accreditation and academic standing.

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