International University Alliance Partnerships


Working together to educate insightful, globally conscious and motivated students who take their part in developing opportunities for all, the Alliance participants and partners can bring growth and meaning to the global community of scholars.

Alliance participants and partner institutions will share in open-ended opportunities for academic exchange, research, curriculum enrichment, student interchange and community engagement.

Key Partners


Shorelight is reinventing the international education experience in partnership with leading U.S. institutions. With an integrated and comprehensive approach, they build innovative programs to help students thrive and become successful global citizens, so universities can drive international student success that spans generations.

Shorelight creates generational partnerships that help universities reimagine their international strategies. It all starts with innovative programs and services fully aligned with the student lifecycle. Shorelight contributes funding, deep operational expertise and a global network of technology-enabled services, which means their university partners can focus on inspiring the next generation of students.

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Global Citizenship Course Program (GCC)

The Global Citizenship Course (GCC) and workshops are designed to give students and educators opportunities to explore topics relating to global competency. Participants consider their own perspectives and biases in order to begin to develop new perspectives as global citizens. Through interactive and reflective activities, participants find commonalities amid difference and consider how tolerance promotes peace. They also practice assertive communicative skills that they can use to improve relationships among individuals from diverse socio-economic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. As they practice critical analysis, participants engage in socio-emotional learning with the goal of developing an open, reflective attitude toward exploring global issues and willingness to take action to promote change.

Offered free of charge only at IUA partner high schools and associated organizations, the Global Citizenship Certification Program introduces global citizenship as a lens through which to examine various aspects of life in the complex, globalized world of the 21st century. Students, faculty and/or staff consider cultural identity, diversity and the challenges of intercultural communication, and evaluate ways to create greater inclusiveness. Upon completion of the program, participants receive a Global Citizenship Certificate.

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International education - International Baccalaureate

The International University Alliance and the IB have partnered to create opportunities for international students and ensure their academic success, building upon both organizations’ mission to expand options for students and ensure their academic success.

The partnership will create programs designed for qualified IB students to have access to some of the top degree programs, faculty and research opportunities at IUA participating universities. This partnership will provide top-achieving international students with streamlined access to leading American universities and their Honors Programs and Colleges. Additionally, by welcoming the best and brightest students from around the world to their communities, IUA’s top-tier university participants will benefit from a more enriching campus community.

The IUA will also offer merit scholarships for especially talented IB students admitted to an IUA participating university. The scholarships will provide financial support to deserving students, allowing the universities to reach a new demographic of students.

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Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide

As one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs, JA Worldwide prepares and inspires youth for employment, entrepreneurship and financial success. Annually JA Worldwide adds more than 10 million alumni to its ever-growing cadre of more than 100 million living alumni globally. JA Worldwide has been developing mutually beneficial partnerships with a broad spectrum of organizations that can provide benefits to its alumni. A collaboration with the International University Alliance enables and creates opportunities for international alumni in JA’s network to pursue higher education in the United States as a pathway to advanced knowledge and skill, employment and financial success. JA and IUA continue to explore additional opportunities that benefit JA alumni.

IUA High School Counselor Advisory Board

The IUA High School Counselor Advisory Board strengthens the knowledge, support and networking for international student college admissions and success by deepening the relationship and expanding access to resources between the IUA and college counselors across the United States. The Advisory Board currently consists of 15 U.S.- based high school counselors and IUA staff.

Premier school partners

The universities belonging to the IUA partner with high-caliber secondary schools in order to create connections that bring value to students, to faculty and to their own educational communities. We work to create a clear and smooth path for your students who aspire to study at a university in the United States. We collaborate across a global network to enrich curriculum and learning, share resources and support each institution’s internationalization goals.

As a partner school you will benefit from:

  • Access to exclusive merit scholarship opportunities for leading students.
  • Access to a curated network of the best U.S. universities for international students.
  • Recognition of your school and curriculum by IUA participant universities.
  • Membership for your school’s guidance counselor in an international network of other premiere high school counselors.
  • Dedicated relationship with an IUA international education ambassador supporting best practices and know-how in guidance counseling and international education.
  • Expedited and streamlined application process and visa support for your students.
  • Opportunity for transferable credit and advanced standing for qualified students.
  • Waived application fee.

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Government and other sponsorship partners

The IUA builds meaningful connections and opportunities to provide access for international students across the world to a first-rate academic education and the skills to compete in a global environment.

The IUA is collaborating with government sponsors and other funding institutions worldwide to build a placement and retention ecosystem to help increase student mobility and access to prestigious degree programs in the U.S.

Specifically, we work closely with many international sponsors on end-to-end student management and reporting, support scholars with university and subject area selection and placement to a network of the best universities in the U.S., along with retention and reporting of the student experience through graduation.

Partners currently including Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Abu Dhabi Education Council, National Defense Force in Bahrain, the Ministry of Education in Oman and the Ministry of Finance in Indonesia.

Tertiary education partners

IUA collaborates with post-secondary education providers across the world to advance engaging international experiences for students at our member universities. Each IUA member university has the option of engaging an opportunity or not. Examples of IUA tertiary partners include:

American Center for Archaeology at Mycenae

The American Center for Archaeology at Mycenae, hosted in the impressive facilities of the Mycenaean Foundation at Mycenae, Greece, offers a unique undergraduate study abroad program administered by the University of South Carolina and the Mycenaean Foundation, accredited by the University of South Carolina (“school of record”), and endorsed by the International University Alliance (IUA). The A.C.A.M. semester study abroad program (scheduled to commence in Spring 2019 and Maymester 2019) will serve an academic consortium of American and European universities (affiliate institutions). This interdisciplinary program focuses on archaeology and related disciplines, such as bio-archaeology, geoarchaeology, geophysics, geology, paleoenvironmental studies, archaeometry, cultural heritage protection/management, classical civilization, ancient history, and ancient/modern Greek.

First-Year Visiting U.S. Domestic Student Transfer Opportunity at Richmond The American International University in London

Increasingly colleges and universities in high demand are partnering with international universities to offer domestic U.S. students a first-year transfer option. The IUA offers its member universities such an option in London.

There are numerous advantages to students and institutions when opting for such programs:

  1. An international First-Year Transfer program, if so designed by a university, permits students who truly want to attend a particular institution, but are not accepted initially, to perform successfully year one at Richmond and then, successfully completing all requirements established by the home university, transfer year two.
  2. First-year transfer program can be used by fully accepted students to start the study abroad experience early in their university career.
  3. There is increasing evidence that non-traditional students—first generation, underrepresented U.S. students--profit both academically and socially by study abroad. A first-year transfer program permits these students to prepare for success throughout their complete undergraduate program.
  4. An early study abroad experience permits U.S. domestic students to bring new and different perspectives to their undergraduate experience in years two, three and four and beyond, therefore, enhancing the learning experience for all students.

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