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University of Mississippi, Oxford, MI


The University of Mississippi, affectionately known as Ole Miss, combines academic leadership with unique research opportunities. A liberal arts hub, the state’s flagship university pushes knowledge-seekers to explore innovative thinking and they examine their impact on their communities and in the world.

Established in 1848, the university holds more than 40 patents serving as a beacon of progress and a haven for academics and intellectuals. Ole Miss’s academics are recognized by industry publications all over the world, but one of Ole Miss’s proudest achievements is being ranked as one of America’s best college buys by Forbes.

“Honestly, I lived in a capital city with 4 million people, and I hated crowds and pollution. I grew up in a small village though. And I always wanted to live in a small town. In addition, I was looking for a good scholarship in a good university. Ole Miss was a perfect match for me. One of my friends was already at Ole Miss when I started my application and he told me this is a great university for sure. Now that I am here, I am so happy with my decision.”


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