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About the IUA

The International University Alliance is a global network of educational institutions working together to build strong international relationships based on a shared commitment to excellence and opportunity. Founded by prestigious U.S. universities, the IUA builds meaningful connections and opportunities for students and schools around the world.

Together, the International University Alliance collaborates with affiliated institutions to:

  • Serve aspiring students aiming to study at leading universities internationally
  • Build close and productive connections between institutions that enrich opportunities for students and faculty
  • Bring the university experience to students before they leave home

Benefits of IUA Affiliation

The IUA supports the ambitions of your students and your institution. Our affiliates partner with the IUA because they benefit from:

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Program Recognition

Equip your students with confidence in their future. Through institutional affiliation, your students can rely on recognition for studies successfully completed at your school. Students can begin early planning for their degree and major studies, as well as benefit from a cost-effective educational opportunity.

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Student Success

Support your students and train your counselors with our best-in-class guidance counselling service. Immediate, transparent access to transfer equivalency simplifies course planning, while personalized activities help students get to know their new home before they arrive on campus.

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Application Support

Managing the college application process is simple with our comprehensive system. We streamline the application process with expedited admissions and high-touch support. Our easy-to-use portal lets you review entry requirements, course equivalencies, costs, scholarships and visas in one place.


Institutional Enrichment

 The IUA supports your strategic institutional goals by fostering stronger international connections and faculty engagement. How? Through faculty development, collaborative curriculum planning and international outreach. As an affiliate, you gain access to our hub for faculty conversation, idea exchange and joint research.

Learn More

Download an IUA brochure to learn more about how your students and your institution can benefit by becoming an IUA affiliate.

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